What is a Mindful Mama?
Learn to become an even more mindful mama,
without having to go to a yoga class or spending 30 minutes meditating.
Grab this incredible guide to help you become an even more mindful mama!
What is a Mindful Mama?
"You've probably heard the word Mindfulness being thrown around in today's zen circles. So what exactly does it mean to be a mindful mama? Mindfulness is the principle of accepting the here and now for what it is, and not dwelling in the past nor anticipating the future. 

When we are mindful, we are consciously aware. We are aware of our thoughts, our feelings, and our needs, without judgment. This is exactly what being a mindful mama is all about: being consciously aware. 

As a mindful mama, you are consciously aware of yourself, first and foremost. Motherhood is not the euphoric picture of perfection and bliss that you’ve probably envisioned for most of your life. Motherhood is messy, dirty, raw, and for many of us, triggering. 

Mindful mamas trust that the present moment is enough; therefore, as a mindful mama, you can trust that you, just as you are, are inherently enough. 

Perfection overrides our mindfulness efforts, and is often the medicine we choose to mask feelings of guilt, shame, and vulnerability. 

Mindful mamas embrace imperfection, seeing it as a great gift we give ourselves, our children, and our families.” 

- 2019 | Bryana Kappa, LMFT, IFECMHS

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This guide is a game-changer for the whole family! 
Created by the amazing LMFT Bryana Kappa from Southbay Mommy and Me, we are so excited to gift it to you!
What You'll Learn
What mindfulness is
Understanding the true meaning of what mindfulness is, that doesn't involve fluffy, hoity-toity definitions.

Mindfulness For Mama
Tools for learning and practicing becoming a mindful mama and let go of guilt, anxiety, shame, perfectionism that often comes with motherhood. 
Mindfulness For Baby
Techniques for helping your child become mindful and self-regulating through their emotions. 

Mindfulness For Partner
Tips for learning and practicing mindfulness with your partner to connect more deeply together and in parenting. 

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